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What you may not know about Custom Cabinetry

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect from my initial meeting?

We will set up an initial meeting with our in house designer, Monique Teniere, who holds a diploma in Interior Design, to view and measure the space, as well as, discuss with you in detail your requirements and wants for the cabinetry. Here are a few items to consider for the initial meeting:

  • How do you want the cabinetry to function for you?
  • Is there any equipment we need to accommodate in the cabinetry?
    (i.e. Appliances, TV, Stereo equipment…)
  • Are you willing to relocate appliances or move walls?
  • Are there any challenges about the space you definitely need addressed?
  • What cabinetry appeals to you?
    (i.e. Traditional, contemporary, transitional…)
  • Do you have any inspirational photos?
  • What is your approximate budget?
  • Do you have blue prints or scaled drawings of the cabinetry?
Why do you need to know my budget?

Giving an approximate budget amount for a project is important to know because it will help the designer guide you in the correct direction. With custom cabinetry there are many possibilities and options, which ultimately result in the final price.

Why do I need a designer for my cabinetry project?

Maximizing the true potential of a room with custom cabinetry is an art form in itself. Our designer can view your space with a fresh eye and experience and come up with ideas you may not have thought of yourself. We are also current on all the latest cabinetry hardware which will allow us to create a functional and attractive space for you.

We use Auto Cad computerized design programs and can provide you with plan views, elevations, 3D renderings, and even colored renderings of the space so you can visualize the custom cabinetry in the space before it goes into production.

How long does the installation take?

Of course all projects are different in size and level of difficultly, which makes it hard to have a predetermined length of time for installation. However, to give you an idea of time, a medium sized kitchen would take two full days to install, where a large bathroom vanity may take a day.

Will Halifax Cabinetry Manage the entire project?

When we provide you with a price for the cabinetry, we are including the responsibility of manufacturing the cabinetry and installation. We will manage the counter top portion of the project if it is purchased through Halifax Cabinetry. We do work closely with the trades that are involved in the project to ensure that electrical and plumbing are in the correct locations.

How do I take care of my new cabinetry?

The worst daily enemy to your coated surface is direct, sustained or repeated contact with water. Water that is allowed to sit on a coated surface, such as on a top edge or contoured edge of a kitchen or bathroom cabinet door, will eventually be absorbed into the wood. Particularly are vulnerable areas where water tends to pool, such as the wood joints, the junction of the rail and center panel, and the top edge of a lower cabinet door. Moisture will cause the expansion of the wood, and then will subsequently contract from drying, limiting the ability for the finish to adhere to the substrate as the cycle of wet and dry are repeated over and over again. The coating will begin to peel. It is crucial to remove all water from these surfaces as soon as possible; otherwise, the top coat will be compromised and consequently ineffectual.

Day to Day Cleaning:

The coated surface of your wood product should be cleaned using a soft cloth with a soapy solution (such as dishwashing detergent and warm water) and then immediately wiped dry. Never use any cleaning products with ammonia, or spray wax as they usually contain silicone or alkaline reagents which can adversely affect the coated surface. Although products containing wax or silicone are moisture and dirt resistant, they also hinder the future coating abilities. Pure beeswax, with no additives, is a safe and effective product to use.

Can I request environmentally safe products?

There are products that can be used upon request that are environmentally safe, such as, formaldehyde free melamines, MDFs, and polyurethanes (coatings).

Who installs the cabinets?

We have two master cabinet makers, one of whom is Derek Mailman, co-owner of Halifax Cabinetry, who sees the project through from start to finish including the installation.

What kind of hardware do you use?

We use Blum products for our hinge systems and drawer slide systems. Blum has a limited lifetime warranty.

Our hardware comes from a variety of suppliers, all of which are of the highest of quality to ensure durability of the product. Richelieu is one of our major suppliers for hardware including handles and knobs.

Can I choose what hardware to use?